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 I work with families and individuals to develop creative estate planning strategies customized to meet my client’s specific needs, including:

  • Through conversations with clients regarding their parental values, develop specific instructions to the clients’ nominated Guardian regarding care and education for a minor or disabled child, and letters of intent to the successor Trustees of the clients’ Trusts regarding payments on behalf of the child and her Guardian.

  • Counsel a couple on dividing their estate among children from separate marriages.

  • Advise siblings on the pros and cons of co-owning real estate and develop strategy that will provide flexibility in ownership and control of properties by current and future generations.

  • Develop a charitable planning strategy that will foster a family’s philanthropic intentions by establishing their own Private Foundation.

  • Collaborate with the owner of a closely-held business and her tax and financial advisors on her options for the business to succeed to the next generation. 


My estate planning practice also includes complex gifting strategies, charitable planning, advice to fiduciaries, special needs planning, and business succession planning for owners of closely-held businesses.  Ancillary to estate planning, I serve as an advisor to private foundations on governance and compliance matters.  I practice before the IRS and have successfully obtained Private Letter Rulings on behalf of clients seeking to engage in corporate separations under Section 355 of the Internal Revenue Code.

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